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7 Tips to Make Your Dog Instagram Famous

Instagram is a powerhouse for a lot of things. Everyday people or pet accounts are becoming insta-celebs overnight. This can lead to some exciting things like getting paid to post for brands, or getting free products!

While all that probably sounds amazing to you- I mean who wouldn't want their dog to grace the cover of a magazine or be featured on a huge insta brand account. Instagram is work and you have to be strategic about how to grow your account. We chatted with 4 gorgeous insta-famous pups to learn how they grew their accounts and we can't wait to share some valuable step by step information thats easy to implement. If you don't have a strategy, these steps are a great way to learn how to start.

How to Grow your Instagram account patchwork pet dog blog ladies man leo



1. Build a Meaningful Community on Instagram for $1.80 a Day

I first heard about this genius Instagram growth strategy from marketing and entrepreneur guru Gary Vee. He talks about his $1.80 Instagram strategy by implementing 3 things.

  • The first thing you need to do is identify the 10 most important/relevant hashtags in your field. Then take a few minutes and Identify the top/best/most interesting 9 posts for each of the hashtags you found 
    • Leave your .02c on each of those posts, which means leaving your thoughts and trying to provide value where you can for each of the posts. Comment, like, engage, respond, share. These are the simple and easy ways you can leave your .02c. Do this for all 90 posts, it should take you about 20 minutes total.
    • CONTINUE TO COMMENT, LIKE AND ENGAGE ON INSTAGRAM. Each day add your .2c to 9 posts for your top 10 hashtags and build those relationships and be authentic, add value and followers will increase drastically.

       How to grow your dogs instagram



      2. Utilize Instagram Stories and Be Real

      Choosing content that showcases your dogs personality, and being candid can go a long way! People love to see REAL images, not images that look super staged, fake or overly processed.

      Dude of @Dudethedood suggests, "Utilize Instagram stories and take advantage of showing the personality of your dog in your stories. Does he love slurping down puppachinos? Does he take his afternoon nap in the cutest spot? Document it. It's always fun to go back and watch later as well:) We get more organic followers from showing our daily lives and the cute things that dude does."

      Patchwork Pet Dog Blog How to Make your dog instagram famous  Dude the Dood


      3. Be Authentic With Your Content

      Ruby of @Rubyruedood suggests, "My biggest piece of advice would be to be authentic! Stay true to who your pup is. We noticed the most growth when we just featured how goofy and sweet Ruby naturally is. People like the real true life stuff. Thats also what makes it mist enjoyable for us too because we see people loving on Ruby and wanting to follow along with her truest goofiest self. Thats what makes it all worth it."

      Patchwork Pet Dog Blog How to Make your dog instagram famous Ruby Rue Dood


      4. Post Often + Consistently

      Leo of @ladiesman.leo says, "Being consistent is key. On days when I am not active on Instagram I don't gain as many followers verse the days when I am active."

      You should be posting at least 6 days a week if not more! Instagram’s organic reach algorithm has changed greatly in recent years and this makes genuine and consistent engagement with your followers more important than ever.

      Patchwork Pet Dog Blog How to Make your dog instagram famous  Ladiesman Leo


      5. Keep Your Feed Looking Consistent

      Your account should have a certain theme or look and feel to it and images should be lightened up a bit. According to Neil Patel, images that are lighter and brighter receive 25% more likes than dark images.

      For the @Patchworkpetinc account we use presets to add a consistent filter on all images we post. The presets are from Jenna Kutcher.

      Winston of @minidood_winston gives us his tips for keeping a consistent feed- "Shoot your images on similar backgrounds or use similar colors. Use Filters or Presets that you like and that work with different colors or backgrounds. If you try to match outdoor shots with indoor shots shoot in the shade as it mimics the look of being inside the most."

      Patchwork Pet Dog Blog How to Make your dog instagram famous Mini Dood Winston


      6. Automate Your Content

      Don't post in real time. Plan out your content ahead of time and make sure what you are posting adds value, don't just post to post.  Kerrie, the Marketing Manager of @patchworkpetinc uses the app, PLANN to stay organized.

      Kerrie says, "PLANN is the best! I plan out all my posts for the week in a few hours one day each week. I choose images, add the preset filter, write out my captions, choose hashtags and make sure the overall layout looks good.Then I schedule the posts for usually 4-5 days per week. The app makes planning and automating SO easy! Highly recommend it over all the other instagram planning apps I've tried." 

      When you automate your content and plan it out ahead of time, you save yourself an enormous amount of time because your doing all your work in batches instead of spending time each day doing it. 

       Kennedy the doodle


      7. Use Instagram's DATA to Drive your Strategy

      If you have a personal account, change it to a business account and take advantage of the incredible FREE data they give you. Once you have access to data you can see everything from which posts bring you the most engagement, which posts get the most comments or likes and better yet, which hashtags are most helpful. You can get stats on who your exact followers are and where they are from. This data can help you strategize which images and content you post so you can be sure you are tailoring it to what your followers LIKE to see.

      If you have any amazing tips that we missed here, please make sure to comment below and we are happy to add any fresh tips and ideas to our blog! 



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