Has quarantine sparked your interest in re-doing every inch of your home? We feel ya! As dog parents, we are constantly thinking of new ways to incorporate dog friendly products into our lives to make things as easy as possible.

When building a new home, or updating your current one, there are so many fun and exciting DIY projects you can add to your home to make it as dog friendly as possible.

Here are a list of a few renovation projects that every pet parent will approve of (with images and links to the sources, so you can dive right into to recreating the space!)


Built In Pet Gate (Works For Babies, Too!)





Doggie Spa In Mudroom/Laundry Room Area




Pull Out Food And Water Bowl In Kitchen





Which one of these renovation projects are your favorite? Which one will you be adding to your home?


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March 30, 2021 — Patchwork Pet

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