Are you and your dog headed to the city that never sleeps? NYC has become an increasingly popular dog-friendly city and there are countless activities to do with your pets. There’s truly no excuse to leave your dog at home now ;) 

If New York City is on your upcoming travel agenda, keep scrolling to check out some of these pet-friendly places to visit.

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Dog Friendly Restaurants and Bars in NYC:

Dog friendly guide to NYC dog friendly restaurants shake shack in New York City Patchwork pet dog blog

The options are endless when it comes to places to dine in the city, but only certain restaurants allow pets. If you are traveling in the summer, you can visit patios and outdoor dining spots. If you are visiting in the winter, I’d play it safe and stay in and order room service instead. 

The Barking DogWith a fun canine theme that includes doggy watering fountains outside, Barking Dog appeals to the stroller set as well as to older "kids" who might enjoy a cocktail from our fully stocked bar. Located at 1678 3rd Ave (at 94th St.) New York, NY 10128

Boris & Horton - NYC’s INDOOR & OUTDOOR dog-friendly restaurant, coffee shop, and store front located at 195 Avenue A New York, NY10009.


Shake Shack - A great all-american burger place to grab a bite to eat and grab a treat for your furry friend with multiple locations around the city.

La Contenta Oeste- An authentic mexican restaurant thats both dog friendly and has a dog menu located in Greenwich Village at 78 West 11TH Street New York, NY 10011.

Dog & Bone - Traditional cafe located at 162 E 25th Street, New York, NY 10010.

*Make sure to call these establishments ahead of time just to be sure. And don’t forget to ask for a dog-friendly menu to treat your pups!

Fun Dog Friendly Activities in NYC:

Dog friendly guide to NYC dog friendly activities humans best friend pop u events in New York City Patchwork pet dog blog

Let’s face it - dogs are basically taking over New York City. Make sure to stop by one of the many off-leash dog parks and pet-friendly events in the area. 

Bark at The Park at Yankee Stadium or Citi Field - If you’re a baseball lover you’ll have to check out the dog friendly events hosted by the Yankees or Mets while in town.

Central Park - One of the most popular parks in the country, why not take your dog there?

Dog Parks - Visit one of MANY dog parks throughout the city.

Lucky Dog - Indoor/Outdoor play area for dogs and beers for humans.


Humans Best Friend - A pop up event for dogs and their humans. 


Dog friendly guide to NYC dog friendly boutiques and shops in New York City Patchwork pet dog blog

Shopping with your dog? Yes please! These stores are not only dog-friendly, they sell the trendiest pet clothing and accessories that will be sure to make your furry friend stand out on vacay.

Canine Styles - Located at 830 Lexington, New York, NY 10065 // 1195 Lexington 

New York, NY 10028 // 2231 Broadway, New York, NY 10024.

Dog & Co - Located at 1000 8th Avenue, New York, NY 10019.

Love Thy Beast - Located at 300 E 5th St, New York, NY 10003.

Wag Wear - Located at 48 E 11th St, New York, NY 10003.


Dog Friendly Hotels in NYC:

Dog friendly guide to NYC pet friendly hotels in New York City Patchwork pet dog blog


Kimpton Hotel - Kimpton Hotels all over the country are known to be extremely nice and dog-friendly.


Andaz Wall Street by Hyatt - This hotel offers great pet amenities that include beds, pet toys, food and water bowls, and gourmet treats with options to take your dog to the spa! 


The Benjamin - Named one of the top 3 hotels in the USA, The Benjamin offers amazing pet amenities that include an in-room pet bar, pet beds, and a BarkBox.


Loews Hotel - Loews Hotel has a program called “Loews Loves Pets” that gives your pet all they need during their stay like bowls, beds, and treats. They also have a pet room service menu, local dog-walking guides, and a “pet-in-room” sign.


Dog Friendly Transportation in NYC:

Dog friendly guide to NYC dog friendly transportation in New York City Patchwork pet dog blog

Taking the Subway or the Bus - Dogs and cats are allowed on New York City subway trains, but must be kept in a carrier at all times. 


Staten Island Ferry - Pets are only allowed on the ferry if they are caged and/or muzzled. 


Taxi/Uber/Lyft - Dogs are allowed in taxis, ubers, and ride sharing vehicles as long as the driver is ok with it. If a driver refuses your request, try to get someone else to pick you up.


Have you gone to any epic dog friendly spots in NYC? Show us by adding a comment below or by tagging us on Instagram @PatchworkPet


If you have any amazing tips that we missed here, please make sure to comment below and we are happy to add any fresh tips and ideas to our blog!


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October 10, 2019 — Patchwork Pet
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