Can you believe August is already here? What a year it has been!

If you are gearing up for fun Fall festivities like pumpkin patch visits, hayrides, falling leaves, and everything pumpkin spice we think you'll love this curated list of fall themed shirts and accessories for you AND your dog.

Keep reading to find your new favorite #twinningtuesday outfit for you and your pup!



1. Sweet Potato & Yam Set


 2. Yellow Flannel Set


 3. Flax Lines Scrunchie and Bandana Set

 4. Matching Orange Striped Tees


5.  Matching Leopard Sweaters



6. Matching Blue Gingham Bandana and Scrunchie Set



7. Matching Orange Plaid Flannel Shirt 



Brought to you by Patchwork Pet- a leading plush dog toy company based in southern California. Our toys make dogs and their humans happy. Trendy, adorable and affordable, starting as low as $6.99. Makes the perfect holiday gifts for the dog lover in your life. Click here to start shopping. 

August 03, 2021 — Patchwork Pet


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