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Have you ever tried a fresh food delivery service for your dog? They are becoming more popular as traditional dog food is being questioned for the ingredients they are using and how long they sit on store shelves. While these services aren't for everyone, its always interesting to learn reasons why they could be a great fit for your dog and your lifestyle.

Other reasons you may want to think about a dog food delivery service. Your dog is a picky eater and doesn't want to eat dry food. My dog Asha has always been a picker eater and she hates dry food. In fact we have to add some sort of meaty addition to her food every day or she will refuse to eat. Other dogs have allergies and cant eat store bought kibble. Raw diets are also on the rise but they bring their own risk and concerns too. 

We rounded up 4 dog food delivery services that offer great options, high quality food and fair price points. 

1. Ollie

dog food delivery services ollie dog food patchwork pet dog blog

I personally used Ollie for my dog Asha for almost two years off and on. LOVE this service as the food is great, the service is amazing and everything from the packaging to the emails from Ollie are fantastically curated.

Ollie's food is tailored to your dog’s profile  based on their age, breed, activity level, allergies, and ideal weight—so their portion is juuust right. The food is made from human grade ingredients, no fillers at all. Meat options include beef, chicken, turkey or lamb.

Why I loved this service. My dog is a picker eater and she loved having a bit of ollie food aded to her dry kibble. She gobbled down her food and actually got excited to eat. You can also schedule the delivery ongoing and change it up to work with your own schedule and needs. 

Click here to learn more about Ollie's dog food service.

2. Farmers Dog

Dog food delivery services farmers dog patchwork pet dog blog

Another super popular option for dogs! Like Ollie, they customize the meals and food for your dog and their needs. Their vet-developed plans guide you to the best diet, while perfectly-timed refrigerated deliveries make sure you never run out. Recipes include popular meats like chicken, turkey, beef and pork.

I love that their packaging is eco friendly! You can actually take the insulation inside and either compost it or dissolve it down your drain under the faucet!

Click here to learn more about Farmers Dog dog food delivery service.

3. Nom Nom Now

dog food delivery service nom nom now dog food patchwork pet dog blog

This dog food service takes immense care in prepping your dogs food. They source restaurant quality ingredients and cook the meals fresh at their facilities each week. How amazing is it to know your dog is eating food that is cooked fresh that week for them.

The meals are cooked with the highest quality standards and then individually vacuum sealed and perfectly portioned out for your dog based on your profile. What I love about this service is the prepackaged portions. NO SCOOPING out food, no making a mess. Simply open the bag and serve your best friend their meals.

Learn more about Nom Nom Now Dog food delivery service.

4. Evermore

Fresh dog food delivery service NYC evermore dog food patchwork pet dog blog

We give this service a 4 paws up because they offer a grain free option. With dog allergies on the rise, its nice to have options for them too. 

Evermore is a women owned small business which started in Brooklyn in 2009! They source ingredients from accountable ranchers, farmers and vendors who strictly prioritize quality and animal welfare. They cook in small batches at a family-run, USDA-inspected "people food" kitchen that uses a low-temperature process to ensure food safety and maintain flavor and nutrients.

Evermore's high standards extend beyond their product to how they treat their customers.

Learn more about Evermore's dog food services.


If you have any amazing tips that we missed here, please make sure to comment below and we are happy to add any fresh tips and ideas to our blog!

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November 01, 2019 — Patchwork Pet


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