Its time to celebrate your dogs birthday in style! Who doesnt love to celebrate your best friends special day. They do so much for us and in return, we love seeing them gobble down a cake and wear a silly birthday hat.

We have 5 amazing goodies to make your dogs birthday a party of the century! Read on..

1. Bobby and Bambis Dog Bakery: Unicorn Dog Birthday Cake

Bobby and Bambis Dog Bakery dog unicorn birthday cake

(this cake is also featured above in the image of the birthday party)

This is probably one of the cutest dog birthday cakes I've ever seen in my life! Totally insta worthy and FUN! For $50 this organic unicorn masterpiece can be yours. Bobby and Bambi's ships nationwide to all 50 states. Click here to learn more.


2. Busters Party Shop: Dog Birthday Hats

Busters Party Shop Dog Birthday Hats

The perfect party hat for your dogs special day. These hats are so fun and cute we cant stand it! They come in all different colors and they have a hat size for fit any pups head. Click here to learn more about Busters Party Shop goodies.


3. Pup Party Decor Packages

Bobby and Bambis Dog Birthday Party Decor Packages

Another special treat from Bobby and Bambis Dog Bakery! They launched party sets that include balloons, bunting and hats! Now you can literally get your entire dog's birthday checklist from one shop. The best part, this adorable local southern California business is run by a boss babe named Minyoung. She started her company as a way to make healthy organic treats and birthday cakes for dogs and also use her impeccable design background to make her products aesthetically pleasing for the dog parents! Support small business and order her goodies today by clicking here.

4. Happy Birthday Party Balloons

Happy Birthday Dog Birthday Balloons

How sweet are these balloons? Nothing says insta famous like a birthday setup with balloons, a cool pink background and a cute birthday cake. At only $10 these balloons are a steal! Click here for more balloon ideas.


5. Dog Birthday Chalkboard Sign

Dogs Birthday Chalkboard Sign

How adorable is this? You can create an insta-worthy posters capturing all your dogs adorable milestones for the year. These start at $15 and are handmade. Learn more about dog birthday chalkboard signs here.



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May 09, 2019 — Patchwork Pet


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