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How to Throw a Themed Birthday Party for Your Dog

Hi guys, Sydney here from Mad Pup Life!

5 Examples of DIY Dog's Birthday Party Mad Pup Life Patchwork Pet

Tips for Creating a DIY dog birthday party mad pup life patchwork pet

I’m so excited to be collaborating with Patchwork Pets to show you some of my favorite dog birthday parties and all the tips and tricks I’ve acquired over the years.

If you aren’t familiar with my blog or Instagram account, you may not know that I run a dog + lifestyle blog and IG accounts for both of my dogs, Mattis, a 2 year old Maltipoo and Keela, a 5 year old golden retriever.  

Meet Keela and Mattis

two dogs on a comfortable bed mad pup life

I love dressing them up, finding dog friendly places to go and stay at, and creating my own DIY recipes just for them. Over the years, I’ve thrown parties for their birthdays and have figured out a lot of tips and tricks to make their birthday one they’ll never forget ;)

The Party Planning Process:

My very first brainstorming tactic when deciding on a party theme is heading over to Pinterest. (follow me here) Pinterest is like a dream site for anyone wanting to plan ANY type of party. If you’re lost and have no clue on where to start, you can literally type in “blue birthday party” or “dog birthday” and you’ll get tons of results! From there, you can narrow down specifics and create a whole board for the party to save your ideas.

Of course the party needs to be DOG FRIENDLY, so make sure you include DIY dog treats, cake, and ice cream. Or, if you aren’t into doing it yourself, you can find a local dog bakery or shop online at Spotted Dog Bakery or Bobby and Bambi.


Patriotic Party:

Keela's 6th birthday party was a patriotic Red, White + Blue themed. Since it was memorial day, getting decorations for this party was super easy. 

Planning a dogs birthday party madpup life patchwork pet dog blog

How to plan an epic dogs birthday party mad pup life

Even Mattis got some fun features! 

Maltipoo at a patriotic dogs birthday party

Dogs birthday party set up mad pup life

It was a success!- Family Pic :)

How to plan an epic dogs birthday party mad pup life patchwork pet dog blog family photo

Click here to learn more about Keela's 6th birthday party.


Tropical Luau Party

For Keela’s 5th birthday, I decided to tackle everything on my own. I made custom dog treats, with my own dog treat icing, and a cake!

I had SO much fun throwing her a luau themed birthday party filled with flamingos, pineapples, and cacti. I DIY-ed her banana flavored birthday cake and honey & oat cookies.5 Examples of a DIY Dogs Birthday Party Mad pup life patchwork pet dog blog

5 Examples of a DIY Dogs Birthday Party Mad pup life patchwork pet dog blog

Obsessed with the adorable tropical plates.


 Sprinkle + Confetti Party

For Mattis’s 2nd birthday, I went with a colorful sprinkle/confetti theme. I love this theme because not only was it fun and vibrant, but you can buy whichever colors you want and tie them all together in various decor pieces (plates, balloons, food, etc.)

5 Examples of a DIY Dogs Birthday Party Mad pup life patchwork pet dog blog bobby and bambis dog bakery dog birthday cake

The cutest birthday cake ever made by Bobby and Bambi's Dog Bakery- cakes start in the $20's and they can customize to whatever you want.

Bobby and Bambis dog bakery dog birthday cake

 5 Examples of a DIY Dogs Birthday Party Mad pup life patchwork pet dog blog bobby and bambis dog bakery dog birthday cake


At Mattis’s first birthday, I had a little more time on my hands so I commissioned a local human baker to make custom cookies with his face on it. I’m a little extra, okay?

Spotted dog bakery dog birthday cookies


There are obviously endless options to food and decor, expensive or cheap, really bold or really laid back. It’s all up to you, your style, and what you feel like doing! If you ever need help or inspiration, take a look at some of my blog posts or reach out to me via DM or email!


I hope your next dog birthday is taken up a notch.


Sydney- Mad Pup Life

To follow Sydney, Keela and Mattis on their adventures please head on over to their blog, Mad Pup Life, their instagram @madpuplife or on pinterest.


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August 05, 2019 — Patchwork Pet

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Allyson Littrell

Allyson Littrell said:

Mya (German Shepherd and huskey mix) turns two Jan 2! All 3 of my dogs are crazy spoiled and go to daycare everyday! But I want to bring things for her to have a party with all her pup friends and the human workers! But I’m the worst party planner! Would love a cheap but wonderful party for her! Please help!

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