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It's a hard time for all of us, pet parents, human parents, kids and dogs too. Dealing with change is not easy, especially for our best fur friends. We've listed out some of our favorite activities to do with your dogs during this time when we are stuck inside the house a lot more.


Schedule a virtual pup play date on Zoom

Connect with your favorite pet parent, instagram friend and set up a doggie date online. Your dog will be engaged with the dog on the other end. The humans will love connecting with each other, even on video. Right now, it's important to feel human connections where we can. 


Make DIY Dog Treats

Watch our friends over at Bobby and Bambis Dog Bakery! They recently launched a new youtube channel to teach you dogmoms and dads out there how make your own dog treats, cookies and birthday cakes. Click here to watch their latest video on how to make DIY Apple Jerky Dog Treats.


Freeze a Kong Toy

Does your pup love yogurt and peanut butter? If so, this is the easiest treat/activity for them to occupy themselves for a few hours. Take a kong toy, fill it with your dogs favorite filling and freeze it. Give your dog the frozen treat as an afternoon snack, post dinner activity or whenever they need some stimulation.


 Start a Pet Blog

Do you know a thing or two about dogs, about training, pet products or just want to share your dog with the world? Blogging opens up a lot of opportunities, so its always fun to think where it could take you. Squarespace is our favorite website provider and you can start a blog for as low as $12 a month. 



Learn Photography

To be a pet influencer or to start a pet blog you def need to beef up your photography skills. Brit + Co offers really affordable and pretty awesome classes you can take. From photography to how to take and style photos for Instagram, check them out!



Get Shopping

It's always time to support our favorite pet businesses for the dogmoms. From apparel to mugs, there are so many cool shops to purchase fun things right now. Our favorite dog boutiques to support are listed here and our absolute favorite Ripley and Rue  use code PATCHWORK10 for 10% off.


 Start an Instagram Account For Your Dog

There has never been a better time to create an online presence for your pup. With influencer opportunities skyrocketing, start an account on the gram. If you need tips on how to grow your dogs instagram account we have you covered. Written by a lifestyle pet blogger, our tips will have your dog being instafamous in no time. For more tips on growing your pets Instagram click here as well.



Work on Training

This is something that a lot of pet parents slack on, especially once their dogs are trained with basic commands. Why not try to teach them some super fun tricks. Here is one resource we found



Make a DIY Hot Cocoa Bar

Seriously genius! Created by artist Laurie for her beloved Barkley, aka @barkleydoodles who you probably have seen on Instagram. This creative and adorable hot cocoa bar is perfect for these last days of cool weather! Click here for details on how to create your own DIY hot cocoa bar.


Buy Some New Dog Toys

Have you checked out our spring collection of adorable pastel colored toys? From the sweetest purple bunny, perfect for easter to our fun yellow chick prickles toy. Each prickle toy has a secret spiky squeaky ball on the inside!! 



Create Your Own Indoor Doggie Obstacle Course

Create your own obstacle course inside your home. Have your dog jump over some towels, weave through his toys, and then lay down on a blanket. Use your imagination and come up with a set of obstacles for your dog to follow. Once your dog has learned how to jump over the towels you then move onto the toy weave. Building on prior tricks will keep your dog mentally stimulated and encourages focus.



Make Some Dog Treats

Sometimes you want to make your own treats, why not right? Here are a few fun recipes that are easy to make and your pup will love.

The ultimate dog frozen treat guide by Madpuplife

Snowman Sundae Dog Treats By Barkleydoodles



Throw a Faux Birthday Party

Get your creative hat on and throw a fake birthday party for your dog. There is nothing that seems more fun like a party for two, so why not make a mundane weekend fun by planning a party. We have a list of super easy DIY dog birthday cakes. Get some cute banners from amazon, make a cake, get some party hats and set up a cute backdrop with some goodies you probably already have at your house. Check out our guide for throwing an instagram worthy dog birthday party.



Stairclimber (Dog Style)

Utilize all areas of your home! If you have a staircase, you can throw a ball up the stairs for your dog to retrieve and return to you at the bottom of the steps. Catch, toss, and have your dog return the ball several times to ensure a tired doggie. Need a ball recommendation, try our famous prickles ball toy. Inside each ball toy is a secret squeaky and spiky ball. 



Play a Game of Find The Treats

Take a variety of your dog’s favorite treats and hide the around the house – behind doors, under tables, underneath rugs, etc. Your dog will be so busy tracking down his treats that he’ll physically tire out in the process. Treat dispensing toys are another great way to keep your dog busy and engage them physically as they push around their toys and try to get to the food inside.


Any activities you want to try? Be sure to tag us on @patchworkpet on Instagram #patchworkpet

Blog created by Kerrie Fitzgerald. Lover of dogs, coffee and marketing.

April 04, 2020 — Patchwork Pet
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