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Hey dog lovers! Are you ready to document your pups daily lives with the trendiest new photo filters and edits?

You’re in luck because we are back again with the second post in our Grow Your Dog’s Instagram Series. In this post we will go over all things photography! So, if you’re ready to step up your amateur photography status - keep reading! 


    And if you missed the first post in this series, "how to start your dogs IG account, don’t worry, just catch up by clicking here!

    When it comes to Instagram photography, there are three main topics:

    How To Edit

    How To Take IG Worthy Photos &

    How To Find Cute Backgrounds

    Of course, all of these styles, filters, and settings will be based on how most people prefer their images to look. But edit however you feel comfortable! With just a few tweaks you can make these settings fit your aesthetic, too. 

    Topic 1: 

    How To Edit

    Like I just mentioned, there are so many different ways to edit photos and everyone will have different preferences. So to start off I figured I’d share some of the most popular photo editing apps that allow you to truly play around with your creativity.

    Some of our favorites are:

    Lightroom, Snapseed, VSCO, Color Story, Afterlight, Canva 

    (Find these apps in the App Store or on Google Play)

    Lightroom is for the more knowledgeable photographer, but can be easily learned by anyone. It’s a great place to start if you are wanting to add a *preset to your photos. A preset is a filter you can use on your photos that will give each and every one of them a cohesive look. You will still need to adjust lighting or coloring in some situations, but all of your photos will develop a certain look when using one. You can find presets for sale online on Etsy, from your favorite photographer, or even influencer. OR you can create your own! 

    Snapseed is great for the edits. If you need something retouched, edited out of a photograph, brightened up, or toned down, Snapseed is the way to go.

    VSCO, Color Story, and Afterlight are all similar in the fact that they have their own set of filters to choose from. You can also make individual tweaks if needed. 

    Canva is a little different. It’s more of a fun tool to help your photos stand out. It’s used mostly for creating IG story templates, graphics, and to add text and stickers to photos. 

    Topic 2:

    How To Edit

    Once you’ve decided on your favorite editing app, you’ll need to decide on your editing style. Some of the most popular ways to edit are: 

    • Light, bright, and airy
    • Light and bright with fun pops of color
    • A more favorite temperature (cool or warm)
    • Moody - overall darker feel, lower exposure, less color

    TIPS: No matter what your theme is, always take your photos in natural light. When in doubt, edit your photos the same exact way for a consistent, cohesive look. It will help your Instagram feed stand out and look more appealing to potential followers. To edit your photos consistently, use a preset like mentioned above. 

    If you aren’t sure of your editing style or want to play around with all possible options, focus on the photo’s Exposure, Temperature, Saturation, Highlights, and Contrast. 

    How To Take IG Worthy Photos

    Now it’s time to bring all your new found knowledge to life! If you are just starting out, I strongly recommend using your smartphone to take pictures. Cell phone cameras have come such a long way and can really create beautiful images. As long as you use the tips mentioned above, you can achieve just what you are looking for! If you’re really ready to up your photography game, you can purchase your own DSLR camera. Some of the most popular ones are made by Canon, Nikon, and Sony and can vary from beginner models to the avid photographer. To find the best one for you, do your research and ask your fellow ‘gramers which ones they use (if they do) 

    If purchasing a DSLR isn’t in the books for you, but you still want to achieve the professional looking photo, consider hiring a photographer! So many people are seeking the help of local photographers to take their photos for social media posts, blog posts, and beyond. It’s a very easy option and can quickly get you the photos you want! 

    When you’re ready to take your dog’s photo, make sure they are as comfortable as possible as this will result in the best possible outcome. Whether you use their favorite treats, toys, or get some action shots in, you’ll want them to remain calm and happy. 

    If you’re ready to make your photos stand out, try searching for a pop of color or mural in your city to pose in front of. You can find locations by searching on Google or searching geotags and hashtags on Instagram. The more colorful and fun murals you can find, the better! 

    Lastly, if you don’t feel like leaving the house for a photo, use props around your house to accentuate your pictures. You can use ANYTHING from your dogs toys, holiday decor, kitchen gadgets, etc. The possibilities are endless. 

    We hope you found these tips helpful and use them to make your IG game strong! Of course this is ALL for the fun of it, so make sure to relax and laugh it off when your dog just won't cooperate (trust me - for every 1 awesome photo there are 87 bad ones)

    Hopefully this first installment of our How To Grow Your Dog’s Instagram series helps you get your social media game going strong. Be sure to check back soon for the next post on Instagram photography!

    Do you have any tips that we missed? Comment below! 


    Blog content created by Sydney of @madpuplife Follow her content at Mad Pup Life for all things pet and pet lifestyle.


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